Why Divine Flow Fusion?

Hey there!

I’m Rachael, a holistic health coach and artist currently living in Atlanta, GA.

And I’m the Artist & Mosaic Soul (spiritual teacher with flair) that has created Divine Flow Fusion, a website and lifestyle company dedicated to promoting healthy vibrant living, connection to the divine within, and a simple yet fun life full of joy, laughter, and creativity.

I believe in being powered by plants, moving our bodies, and connecting with our spirits to live a soul-fueled life – one that is in divine flow with the way the universe works.

I incorporate creativity, fitness, nutrition, health coaching, and life changing products and services within what I share with others hence the FUSION in Divine Flow Fusion. I believe that life can be simple and uncomplicated and that having certain practices and activities that help us live our optimum best allows us to do just that.

On this site you will find uncomplicated health articles, informative videos, as well as simple and delicious plant-based recipes (many are also gluten free) made with natural ingredients, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, whole-food and healthy fat sources, beans, lentils, nuts, and seeds. You’ll also find fun movement articles and videos dedicated to help you live more fully, intentionally, and in alignment with your optimal health.

By learning more about Divine Flow Fusion you are joining a movement towards long-lasting health and well-being.

Principles I Live By

#1: Your diet and mindset determines 90% of your health.

That’s why when we eat according to the natural way our organism is designed we live optimally. Hence why we believe in eating a plant-powered diet – one that consists of lots of whole fruits and vegetables and minimally processed foods if any.

Quality over quantity

No one-size-fits-all diet or exercise

#2: Moving your body creates movement and flow in your life

#3: Soul first because it leads to more fulfilling, prosperous, and abundant live.
We are predominantly spirit and secondly human – intuition

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet is, as it’s name suggests, a diet that consists of foods that come from plants. This is where majority of the calories and nutrition are comprised of plant foods (fruits, vegetables, grains and legumes). From this perspective, this diet can be very flexible including diets such as:

Vegan: free of any kind of animal products
Fruitarian: vegan, consisting primarily of fruits, nuts, and seeds
Vegetarian: no meat, but may or may not include other animal products like eggs, dairy products and honey
Pescetarian: vegetarian, including fish and other seafood
Flexitarian: vegetarian, occasionally including meat

Why choose plant-based?

Because of alkalinity. Our bodies are meant to be more alkaline than acidic.

Benefits of a plant-based lifestyle:

Basics of eating plant based:

How to successfully transition to a plant-based lifestyle: