What is Divine Flow Fusion?

Divine Flow Fusion is the process of getting into divine flow and and fusing that in every area of our lives. It is creating unbreakable resonance with your true shining self – your soul.

Divine = your true essence + infinite intelligence

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Flow = the current that permeates every atom of this world and has a divine order to it. One of ease, effortlessness, fun, and joy. Your natural state of being.

Fusion = the process of fusing the divine flow into every cell of our bodies and lives through movement, meditation, mantras, creativity, and various other practices that allow us to be connected with our true selves at all times.

It also is the process of releasing unwanted negative emotions, energy, thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and habitual ways of being that no longer serve us and that hinder us from being in divine flow. This allows us to be in constant connection and communion with that which we are.

It incorporates dance, movement, yoga, music, singing, self affirmations and deification, self introspection, and imagination. These various techniques are used in tandem to create what we call healthy emotional triggers/signatures and emotional set points which is then enhanced by the activities underlying common factor = emotional shifting. When we shift our emotions we are quite literally creating our reality or painting our canvas using the universal language of emotion.

How does it work?

In Divine Flow Fusion sessions we do warm-up, workout, and cool down activities such as art journaling or flow fusing by moving our bodies and getting in alignment with our intended emotional outcomes. This in turn allows us to create and quite literally shift to a version of ourselves where we are more happy, joyous, healthy, wealthy, and abundantly more in alignment with our true nature.

Fusion is the culmination and blending of different modalities such as yoga, pilates, fitness, personal development, singing, self declarations, dance, acting, art, and much more within the artistic and healing fields.

♦ Divine Flow Fusion is the creation of Rachael Alexander, the Founder of Divine Earth School, and the company looks forward to helping you reach your highest potential through the art of getting in touch with your divine true nature through Divine Flow Fusion.

Warm up – Accelerate and Condition, Cool down

There’s a flow to life and the best way to be in this flow is to understand and align with the power of your passions, preferences, and purpose. Not egoic preferences, but your passions in a sense of what lights you up the most, your preferences in a sense of what you’d rather being doing now in this present moment as it relates to what excites you most, and your Purpose in a sense of being your true self – the soul having a human experience.

Your purpose is to be yourself – the most authentic version of yourself as best possible. The self in alignment with the soul.

DFF Rules:

The purpose of movement is to feel good and reach holistic health
10 at a time
Flow with what resonates let go of what doesn’t
Whole foods make you feel whole and good
Connect with yourself to connect with the divine and others
Flow is about ease and grace not hardwork and effort

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